The Unspoken Desire of Men  

The Unspoken Desire of Men provides an intimate firsthand account of men’s erotic desires in a way that’s never before been seen. Over the course of two decades, I’ve observed that while memoirs about the personal experiences of Dominatrixes abound, the inner workings of their clients’ minds have been left largely unexplored. I was driven to find out: What are these men seeking and why do they appear to enjoy, and to benefit so much from the experience? Pursuing that line of thought, I began the inquiries that led to this book.

Hear from the men themselves as they reveal their most intimate fantasies of submission; details about their experiences with Dominatrices, including myself and my peers; and the profound ways their BDSM experiences affect their daily lives.  The Unspoken Desire of Men, by reconciling the often conflicting interplay between society, culture, science, history, religion, and the media, explore this all too often misunderstood desire while, at the same time, challenges the most common stereotypes about male submission and female domination.